Meaning of the name

Albina translated from Latin means "white", "blond".


Albina is very similar to her father, in this regard, it is better to judge her character by her patronymic. True, Albina has such traits as adherence to principles, stubbornness and arrogance, which her father may not have. Nevertheless, Albins are dad's daughters, and in this capacity they are perceived from childhood.

Albina's adherence to principles can cause a school conflict or family quarrel, when Albina will not give in to the whole class "out of principle" or decides to pout at her mother. At school, Albina strives to stick to boys, she likes their interests more than purely girlish joys and problems.

With age, this trait will remain, and an atmosphere of mutual understanding will always reign in Albina's family: for the sake of football, adored by her husband, she may well neglect her favorite show.

In choosing a specialty, Albina proceeds from what she likes, considerations of prestige and profitability of the profession are usually in the background.

They can never sit still, they need to move, dance and sing all the time. Such women lack poise and stability. Often, for more courage, they demonstrate their anger in order to impress others. Strive for an active social life. Overly self-confident.

They have a synthetic mindset, they have a lively, well-developed imagination and excellent imaginative memory, they remember for a long time what struck or alarmed them. Although they try to keep their distance, a highly developed sensitivity and susceptibility is hidden behind this.

Albina's inherent stubbornness and arrogance will not please her mother-in-law, and if Albina does not try to change at least a little after marriage, conflicts are inevitable in the family. And you need to try, because Albina, as a rule, find a common language with their husbands. They live by their interests, adopt their habits and tastes, demanding one thing in return - worship. At worst, it may just be ordinary attention, but there should be a lot of it and it should be constant.

Albins are neat in housekeeping, they cook deliciously. They like to put things in order in the room and closets. Able to easily forget a recent offense. They are jealous of the female environment of the husband. Albin's children usually attend all prestigious sections, schools, circles. Albins do not tolerate the drunkenness of their husbands, they themselves practically do not drink alcoholic beverages.

They love to receive guests, they are ideal hostesses. They adapt well and feel free and easy everywhere. They sparkle with the joy of life. They achieve some success not so much in the professional sphere as in the realization of their own personality.

You shouldn't try to prove something to Albina, or even more insult her. In fact, the only thing that can really piss her off is ridicule, but then - beware!


Strong and onset early. Nevertheless, they are sentimental and more loyal friends than it might seem. Family and social taboos can contribute to the emergence of sexual complexes in them.

The excitability is so strong that it makes them irritable and nervous. They express their feelings extremely violently, after which long-term depression sets in.

With a partner, she likes to discuss the details of their intimate relationship, during intimacy, she devotes him to all her feelings, says gentle words to her lover, encouraging and exciting him. Physical pleasure in itself, without romance, does not give Albina complete satisfaction.

She is somewhat nervous, reacts sharply to the sexual behavior of her partner, but tries to behave independently. Sometimes she wants to be alone, to sort out her feelings, in such cases it is better for a man not to disturb her.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Albin gives the impression of something safe, round, kind, light, cheerful, bright, joyful.

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